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Welcome to our new website!

Over the past few months we have been developing our new website. We hope it will help to spread the Cooney South name in the South of England, and provide useful information regarding the services we can provide.

Currently we have published information detailing our design, manufacturing and finishing services. Additionally, we expand on the company's history and cover the relevant industries that we are involved in.

To complete the site, we have made it easier to get in contact regarding quotations, inquires and information through our contacts page, and for prospective employees our vacancies page is online, detailing positions and opportunities available.

We have several pages to finalise on the site, which will be coming over the next few months. These include a products page, to highlight existing products we manufacture, and a page detailing our stock materials that our fabrication team uses.Whilst we still have work to do on the website, we are happy very happy to be growing the company and developing our online presence.

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