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At Cooney South we are renowned for our ability to produce class-leading mirror polish finish on our Stainless Steel componentry. We can offer additional finishing processes on all materials used in fabrication.

Attributes and Capabilities:
  • Mirror Polish - All mirror-polishing is performed by hand to achieve a top-end finish and razor-sharp reflections in the material.

  • Powder coating - If a specific colour is required we have capabilities to powder coat a range of materials to suit.

  • Etching and detail - Laser etching and milling is available for logo embossing and decorative work.


  • Finishing Materials - Cooney South can offer a range of materials to complement various components - such as teak and starboard.

  • Polishing Heritage - Many of the polishing team have decades of experience in the field with their roots hailing from the  Sunseeker metal-work department.

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