Covid-19 Perspex Screens

As a result of the 2020 pandemic, Cooney South are offering their services to provide protective perspex screens to businesses and companies who require such precautions to be taken for the safety of their staff. We are flexible to suit each business on an individual basis, as we recognize the different requirements for various industries. 

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High Quality Trim

As a result of our extensive experience in Stainless Steel fabrication, we are able to offer supports and trims to the perspex screens, suiting a variety of businesses. We are able to provide different materials, finishes and colours of the supporting legs, allowing the screen to blend in seamlessly with your business.  

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Cost-Effective Options

Whilst we are primarily a metal fabrication company, we are able to supply our screens in a perspex-only option as a more cost-effective solution. We form the screen to allow it to stand freely, which can then be attached to the countertop with fixtures if desired. 

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Form to Suit Any Application

We can supply our screens to suit a range of counter and desk shapes. The ability to form and bend the perspex allows for a seamless and elegant look.

Additionally, we are able to cater for various accessibility features to support card payments and other transactions.   


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